343605 Stainless Steel #8 Female O-ring Nut


A/C #8 female stainless steel nut

A/C #8 female stainless steel nut

Requires female braze stem (part #343609)

Add $11.55 per fitting for hand polishing

Gotta Show A/C and Heater Product Features:

Our A/C and heater fittings are manufactured in-house from aircraft quality stainless steel stock. Available either electro-polished or hand-polished to a mirror finish. Our fittings are specifically made for our stainless steel braided hose. Our A/C fittings are not compatible with lower-quality rubber A/C hoses. Fittings are available in #6, #8, #10, and #12 sizes, and in straight, 45-degree, 90-degree, and 135-degree bends and with or without service ports.


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