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We manufacture stainless steel fittings for automotive air conditioning, power steering, fuel, transmission, and engine fluid transfer and cooling systems. The clean routing of lines and hoses in an engine bay, terminated with stainless steel fittings will grab attention and provide long-lasting reliability. Give your muscle car or street rod the reliable quality, fit, and finish that GOTTA SHOW products provide.

A/C & Heater

Strong, leak-free, effective air conditioning and heater lines are mandatory. Gotta Show quality of our lines and fittings surpasses any comparable product.

Power Steering

Precision, leak-free power steering systems require quality pressure and return lines and fittings. Gotta Show has you covered!

Fuel System

Proper fuel delivery without leaks is extremely important for engine operation and safety. Gotta Show stainless steel fuel line kits exceed expectations.


Automatic transmission survival often depends on managing fluid temperatures. A transmission cooler kit from Gotta Show will ensure leak-free and reliable fluid management. We also offer stainless braided flex-tube transmission dipsticks!


Engine oil cooling is often as important as transmission fluid cooling in many applications. We want the lubricant to reach the proper operating temperature to reduce engine wear, but we also want to prevent the temperature from going too high which will have the same negative effects. A Gotta Show oil cooler kit will keep your engine happy!

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At Left: Custom heater lines for a customer’s Ford Cobra application.

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